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Why do you need massage at your Workplace or special event?


Your employees wake up and go to work at least 5 days a week. Many of them spend more time at work than at home. Too often they may have chairs that are too low and desks that are too high with monitors that are too low and a mouse that is too far. Some sit all day, and some stand all day. No matter what the workplace there are elements present that will contribute to misaligning the body. This can cause headaches, back and shoulder stress, and other ailments that decrease productivity.

I can help. I have a special ergonomic massage chair that I can use almost every where.(Not quite sure about airplanes) In this chair I can perform massage on those overly exhausted neck and shoulder muscles that often cause headaches and fatigue. Those mid and lower back muscles get a once over too. All I need is a quick 15 minutes,(during breaks) to help them feel better and get their bodies back in shape and boost productivity.


Emily Suzanne Kollander:
Your Massage Therapy Specialist